Image of BEDWN "Hubbard" L/S M55 Pullover Shirt - WHITE

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BEDWN "Hubbard" L/S M55 Pullover Shirt - WHITE


Coming to us from Tokyo, Bedwin & The Heartbreakers was created in 2004 by Masafumi "Bebetan" Watanabe. Revered among the Tokyo fashion elite for his hand in the cult label Tenderloin (c. 1996), Watanabe brings his signature style and exacting eye to Bedwin. Each season, Watanabe visualizes the collection through the eyes of a fictitious, nomadic musician Bedwin (read: Bedouin) and his backing band, The Heartbreakers. Melding an American "trad" aesthetic with subtle nods to British youth & street countercultures, Bedwin and The Heartbreakers' signature style has engendered a thriving cult following, all its own.

100% Cotton.
Made in Japan.

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