Image of retaW NATURAL MYSTIC* Fragrance Liquid for Fabric

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retaW NATURAL MYSTIC* Fragrance Liquid for Fabric


Founded in 2009, retaW offers an extensive range of organic body washes, body creams and lip balms as well as clothing fragrances and scented candles. retaW, which is the word "Water" in reverse, embodies the purity of water and infuses a refreshing experience in your everyday life. Formulated by leading Japanese dermatologists, the tokyo based lifestyle brand adopts only the finest ingredients from plants and essential oils.

retaW's Fragrance Liquid for Fabric fine, spray-on mist helps to eliminate odors from fabrics leaving the spicy and mysterious notes of patchouli and vanilla characteristic of retaW's NATURAL MYSTIC scent, on clothing, trainers, and any soft furnishings.

Made in Japan.

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